Friendly Accountants: Brighton

Friendly Accountants in Brighton is the perfect solution for your personal or business accounting needs if you are looking for a service that loves keeping things simple and puts the focus solely on what you need. At Friendly Accountants, we offer you a range of accounting services, including the completion of company accounts, corporation and self-assessment tax returns, monthly payroll for you and your employees, and much more besides. We also ensure all of these are submitted to Companies House or HMRC prior to deadlines, meaning you have to do nothing else but double check the numbers and tell us if anything has changed. When using Friendly Accountants in Brighton, you can get back to focusing on your business and the things that will make you money.

Friendly Accountants’ Services

Because not every freelancer, contractor, or small business has the same set of needs, at Friendly Accountants in Brighton we have tailored our service accordingly. Instead of paying for accounting packages where you buy things you don’t really need, with us you simply instruct us to carry out the financial management tasks you need completing, and pay for those and nothing else. This allows you to choose accounting services relevant to your needs and means you get the most cost effective solution possible.

Friendly Accountants in Brighton offers the following services:

  • From £99 – Business accounting services.
  • From £199 – ‘All inclusive’ accounting packages that include payroll completion, full accounts, business and personal tax returns, and more.
  • From £19 – Self-Assessment and VAT return completion.
  • From £12.50 a month – Payroll services
  • From £25 – Bookkeeping, management accounts, and property accounts.

The flexibility of our services allows you to use Friendly Accountants as a one off or over the longer-term. Our all-inclusive special packages allow you to benefit from unlimited accounting advice throughout the year, with the answer to any queries only ever an email or phone call away. We are even able to visit your home or business premises if you need to discuss any complicated affairs face to face.

What we do

The way we work means we do as much as possible, ideally everything, online. This minimises the time we spend in face to face meetings and allows us to continue to offer such cost effective accounting services. Once you have instructed us, all we need is for you to scan in your financial documents and email them across to us, and we’re ready to work.

You’re always kept informed of what’s going on, and will be sent draft copies of tax returns and accounts to check prior to submission to Companies House and HMRC. If you’re looking for an accountant that believes in efficient, cost effective services, then Friendly Accountants Brighton is an ideal solution for you.