Friendly Accountants Wakefield

Finding an accountant that ticks every box in terms of your needs can be frustrating, to say the least. That doesn’t have to be the case any longer, however, as with Friendly Accountants in Wakefield you’re assured of a helpful, cost efficient service whether you’re a freelancer making a small income on top of your regular job or a small business owner responsible for six figure revenues. We can complete and file everything on your behalf, from your self-assessment tax return to company accounts, and we’ll even do the monthly payroll run for you, too. This leaves you free to focus on your business, although we do need you to pay your tax bill yourself!

Friendly Accountants’ Services

Not everyone has the same set of accounting needs, and we’re passionate about recognising that. This is why instead of offering rigid packages, we allow you to choose the specific services you require from our website, and pay only for those you need. With Friendly Accountants Wakefield, you won’t be spending excessive amounts of money on a service that isn’t suited to you. Our offer enables you to have accounting services 100% tailored to your financial management needs, and we’re happy to take care of as much or as little as you’d like us to.

We offer the following range of accounting services for individuals and businesses based in Wakefield:

  • Business accounts from £99.
  • Special package deals from £199. These include accounts completion, payroll completion, corporation and self-assessment tax returns, and VAT returns if needed.
  • VAT and Self-Assessment from £19.
  • Payroll reconciliation and submission from £12.50 per month.
  • Additional services, including bookkeeping and management accounts, from £25.

Our services are perfect whether you’re looking for an accountant to satisfy a one-off need or you want to work with us for the long-term. If you want us to deal with correspondence from Companies House and HMRC, you can also use us as your registered office. Our package deals also give you unlimited access to email advice on any accounting issues throughout the year.

How We Work

Our focus at Friendly Accountants in Wakefield is 100% committed to ensuring you receive the most cost effective and efficient service possible. This is why we do all of our work online. It helps us to keep costs low and saves both ourselves and you time travelling to meet with us and discussing your needs.

All you need to do to instruct us is select the services you want on our website, make the necessary payment, and send us the documents listed on the page. After that, you need never worry about your accounting needs ever again! If you’re looking for a friendlier, more efficient accounting experience, instruct Friendly Accountants in Wakefield now!