Contractor Accountants

Contractor Accountants

Contractors are able to use our range of accounting services to ensure they’re paying the correct levels of tax at all times.

All we need from you is a comprehensive account of your income and tax-deductible business expenses, and we can do the rest. As well as calculating the tax you need to pay, we can also offer advice to help you make savings on your tax bill. We have tailored our services specifically to assist contractors who might not be able to audit their own financial affairs and need a professional expert accounting service to take care of their needs. If you have separate accounts for your earnings from contracting, or have set up a small business to manage your finances, we can also take care of these on your behalf.

After you scan your relevant financial documents and send them through to us, we’ll check them, make sure they’re what we need, and confirm if we have any other requirements. If there are documents you cannot find or don’t have available, please inform us at the earliest opportunity so it doesn’t cause a delay while we wait for you to search for them.

If you have an immediate need for a tax return, we’ll send you a draft within 7 days so you can check it and return to us. Company accounts and corporation tax returns will be returned within 14 days. In both cases, we’ll take responsibility for sending final documents to Companies House and HMRC on your behalf. You can also choose to work with us on an on-going basis; we offer a range of packages specifically tailored for small businesses and contractors.

Finally, we will email across all documentation relevant to your tax returns to yourself, for retention for your own records, meaning all you have to worry about is paying your tax bill.