Construction Accountants

Construction Accountants

Construction workers can have complicated tax affairs and often be so busy that they are unable to spend any time getting theirs in order. It is also difficult to find an accountant when they want to meet with you and spend time talking with you on the phone. At Friendly Accountants, we like to keep things simple, and do everything online, allowing us to provide a range of services tailored exclusively to those in the construction industry.

All communication – unless you decide otherwise – will take place via email, you simply scan in the financial documents we need and send them across to us, and we do the rest. All you need to do is check the documents we prepare and then make the payments when they become due. If you need advice around saving or reducing your tax liabilities, we can provide that within our contractor accounting services, too.

As well as helping construction workers who need assistance with self-assessment, we can also take care of additional tasks generated if you have started a limited company to receive your income. This includes advising you on the most tax efficient way to take a salary as well as ensuring VAT, corporation tax, and company accounts are all in order, while we’ll happily take care of your monthly payroll, too. If you aren’t already using a limited company to manage your affairs, we will look at your tax situation and advise whether you would be better off using this approach.

Just instruct us here on our website and then send us any documentation relevant to your business finances. If there’s anything else we need, we’ll let you know, but at this point we should be ready to get started managing your affairs for you.

Now, you don’t have to worry about completing your personal or corporation tax returns, company accounts, VAT returns, or anything else, as we’ll do it all for you. Everything will be double-checked with yourself before submission and completed documents will also be sent to you to keep.

Our construction accounting services are here to help you easily manage your financial and tax affairs, instruct us now to start feeling the benefit!