The operation is as follows


You decide which services are applicable to you and pay for that service(s) online.

With Real Time Information Payroll (RTI), all employee details, date of birth, addresses, N.I numbers and current codings from HMRC per Employee have to be given. You need to scan all information we require.

Thereafter you forward us by email TIME SHEETS. This informs us which employee is to

  • (a) Paid by the hour and at what rate
  • (b) Who is on Fixed Pay weekly or monthly
  • (c) Who is on Flexible Pay weekly or monthly
  • (d) What expenses to re-imburse or deduct
  • (e) Sick day deductions
  • (f) Holiday pay deductions if taken more holidays due
  • (g) SSP & SMP

According to this we process your Payroll.

You let us know who you wish to issue P45, P46, and P38…etc.

Included in the Fee is filing online weekly or monthly as per RTI rules and Employers Annual P35 return & PIID’s for Directors.

We email you any queries we have

We can complete your Work Place Pension requirements. This includes registration with pension provider and sending declaration to pension regulator.

We will send your wage slips & letters for printing normally within 24 hours, maximum 48 hours by email.

from  £ 14.60   per month

For examples of our sample correspondence &
working files PLEASE click on the PDF
Sample Correspondence
Sample Payroll
  Weekly Payroll   Monthly Payroll
  P35 Annual Return   P45 letter
  P46 letter