How to Find Bookkeeping Services

How to Find Bookkeeping Services

If you’ve just started your small business then you might find yourself looking for bookkeeping services, especially if you have many transactions and need to keep close control of your finances. Starting a business is a busy time, and as such, you’ll want to find bookkeeping services as quickly and easily as possible.

Here are some tips that will help you to find the best services to meet your needs.

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When you start a business you always get letters from accountants offering their services. If you don’t feel you have the time to look about yourself, then using these companies to take care of your bookkeeping needs is certainly worth considering.

Speak to Friends

Do you have any friends who have their own business? Better yet, do you have any friends, or even a contact on a social network like LinkedIn, who are qualified bookkeepers or accountants? You might not get ‘mates rates,’ but at least you’ll be putting your financial needs in the hands of someone you’re certain to trust.

Business owners that you know will always be able to recommend someone, and you might both enjoy a discount thanks to the referral.

Use Google

Google is your friend when it comes to looking for bookkeeping services. Not only will you be directed to websites that offer online bookkeeping services or software, but as long as you have the correct geographical location set up, Google will show you bookkeepers that are close to your location. This is great if you’re looking to use a smaller company or even just find an individual who can take care of your bookkeeping needs.

Read Local Directories

If you find the internet a little ‘cold,’ you should look at local directories, especially those that are posted through your door once a month, as there’ll always be people advertising services in there that haven’t yet adapted to online advertising, or have decided they don’t want to use the internet to grow their company.

Look in Your Building

If you’re working in an office complex, the law of averages tells you that at least one of the businesses based there is going to be an accountant or offer bookkeeping services. Go and have a conversation with them and ask what they can offer you. If your business can be useful to them in some way, you might even be able to negotiate a reduced rate or a service exchange instead of paying top level fees!