How to Learn Bookkeeping

How to Learn Bookkeeping

If you’re interested in learning how to become a qualified bookkeeper, then you’ll be pleased to know there are numerous resources available to help you do exactly that. Whether you want to become a bookkeeper in order to earn a secondary income alongside your main job, or you’d like to pursue a career change, you could take advantage of many opportunities.

Here are your options.

Local Education

If you’re already at college or university and studying a mathematics based subject, then it is likely that bookkeeping will be a part of your course at some stage, or available as an additional module. If you’re not currently in education, then local councils often run a variety of courses that local people can attend.

These will often take place one day a week or during the evening, making it practical for people to plan and arrange attendance on a consistent basis. Depending on where you live, you might also be able to enrol on courses directly with schools or colleges independently of local authority involvement.

Speak to the Job Centre

People who are unemployed often get sent on a variety of courses, where they learn everything from interview skills and how to create a CV to how to use an EPOS terminal and have a good telephone manner. These all sound mundane, but there are usually a selection of other courses available, too, including things like bookkeeping. Speak to your jobs advisor or your main contact and they’ll tell you whether there is something on offer from their branch.

If there isn’t, but your local authority offers a course, you can often be offered a free place or some reduction against the usual course fees if you learn through them.

Home Learning Options

Home learning is a big thing today, and you have a number of options available if you want to learn bookkeeping in this way.

The first is to enrol on a home learning course with a well-known body like the CIPD or the Open University. They’ll send out everything you need and then you complete exams or essays and then finish off with a full qualification. Other home learning courses will involve you simply being sent everything you need to teach yourself in your own time, although you’ll need to be disciplined and highly motivated given that there are fewer deadlines as they would be with larger bodies like those mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, you might do a course that is completed fully online. Simply type “online bookkeeping course” into a search engine and you’ll be presented with a wealth of options.

If you want to become a bookkeeper, then you have a range of options available to help you to do so. Investigate each opportunity and settle on the one that is best for you.