How to Search for Bookkeeping Jobs

How to Search for Bookkeeping Jobs

If you have recently qualified as a bookkeeper, the next logical step is to start looking for a bookkeeping job. There are several options available to you at this stage. Which one you choose is very much up to you, and will probably depend on your personal circumstances and on what you’re looking to achieve from your bookkeeping career.

Ask Your Current Employer

The easiest place to start, but ironically the place where many people don’t even think to look, is at your current employer. If you work in a large company, then there might not be any specific bookkeeping roles, but there could well be head office positions working in the finance department where your qualifications are going to be relevant.

In the event you work for a small, independent company, you might be able to save them some money by offering to carry out bookkeeping services for them. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!

Look at Jobs Boards

If you have completed a bookkeeping qualification at college or university, it is likely that there are going to be jobs boards that point to relevant opportunities. You’ll need to look closely to find out the ones that are most relevant to you, but given the number of employers who are now choosing exclusively to advertise their positions in this way, it is certainly somewhere you should be looking.

Hit the Internet

This is usually most people’s first port of call in the modern day, and simply searching for bookkeeping jobs on Google is likely to give you numerous possibilities. The best approach is to look at which online recruitment websites have the most diverse range of positions as well as the most frequently added jobs, and then ensure your CV is uploaded to the market leaders, while saving yourself time by setting up daily email digests of your preferred positions.

Freelance Websites

You could always decide that you want to work on a freelance basis. The easiest way to get started in this instance is with sites like Elance and People Per Hour. These websites will enable you to get some practical experience of actually doing the job under your belt, and help you to build your reputation online.

Your Own Website

In addition to setting up freelancer profiles, start your own website and advertise what you can do. While you aren’t going to be looking at spending a lot of money on your site, at least you have somewhere to point people if you’re also using social media, or decide to advertise your services elsewhere. Many people prefer making first contact via email rather than telephone, or a simple website with an enquiry form function is a great way to get going.

Whether you go looking for work or advertise your services to try and make work come to you, or a combination of both, there are many opportunities available for bookkeepers, even today when many are using software to do the job for them. Make the most of the resources and opportunities available to you, and you’ll find it much easier to find your ideal bookkeeping job.