How to Search for Payroll Jobs

How to Search for Payroll Jobs

If you’ve recently attained a financial qualification and you are interested in working within a payroll department, there are many places you can begin looking for work. Here are some ideas that should help you get started with your payroll job search.

Find Accountancy Firms

While many accountants work on a general range of tasks, many will be looking for individuals to fill specific roles within their company, including payroll. If you have recently left University, then there are likely to be accountants searching for those with a specific interest in payroll, and offering graduate training schemes that will take you down this route.

Considering working for an accountancy firm is also excellent if you think you might be interested in working in other areas of the industry in the future. An accountancy job is ideal for keeping a range of doors open.

Approach Payroll Companies

Several well-known, large payroll companies recruit on a year-round basis as well as having a specific graduate intake. If you’re passionate about payroll, then finding a company that specialises only in this area of accountancy could be the best move for you.

The only downside to this move is that you’re likely to have to leave should you want to explore another aspect of the finance industry.

Ask Your Current Employer

Many students and recently qualified professionals find their first job with their existing employer. Even in companies where payroll is outsourced, the data still needs to be checked and processed before being sent out to be finalised. You might also work for a company where the whole process is completed in house, and could easily find there are opportunities available for you.

Search Online

If approaching any of the above groups doesn’t work, then the most obvious step to take is to ensure your CV is updated and begin looking for jobs online. To ensure that you don’t receive a deluge of phone calls and emails on a daily basis, it is usually worth finding the online platforms that are most relevant to your job search. Look for the websites that have the most regularly added and updated positions, and if possible stay away from sites that have jobs that are on various other recruitment sites. If you can find a financial recruitment agency that has a specific focus on payroll, then you should use them.

Look Locally

Many small local businesses will advertise for payroll specialists in the local newspaper or even in their window, so be sure to keep your eyes open for these opportunities, particularly if you’d love to work close to home and find a position that will ease you into the payroll industry.