What is the AAT?

What is the AAT?

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is a UK-based qualification and membership body for accounting professionals. While based in the UK, the AAT has over 125,000 members from more than 90 countries around the world. AAT members can be found at all levels throughout the finance and accounting industries. Students who are only just starting to work towards an AAT qualification are able to apply for student membership, while full members can be found at every step of the career ladder, up to and including senior executive levels.

AAT Qualifications

The AAT is world-renowned for the robustness and quality of its qualifications. AAT qualifications are globally recognised, and are often specifically sought after by blue chip companies looking to recruit ambitious accounting professionals into important financial roles. Industries from retail and sales to pharmaceuticals and defence all feature businesses that target AAT qualified personnel owing to their recognised quality and expertise.

By being a member of the AAT, accounting professionals are demonstrating they have met the highest possible standards of their profession, continue to thrive for improvement, and are giving themselves a great endorsement for whenever they apply for a job or join online forums for their profession.

One of the big reasons AAT qualifications are so highly valued is because they’re vocational, meaning students enjoy practical hands on experience of the accounting world rather than simply learning theory in a classroom and then being expected to apply it immediately. AAT qualifications are largely sponsored by other respected accounting bodies, including CIMA, CIPFA, ICAEW, and ICAS.

Networking & Development

The AAT isn’t just a membership card you carry around and something to put on your business cards or letterheads. The group provides a range of support functions for members, including access and invitations to on-going training and development opportunities, and networking events where accounting professionals can meet like-minded individuals.

AAT Membership

Members of the AAT are expected to uphold professional and ethical standards at all times, and carry this into all aspects of their career.