The operation is as follows


You decide which services are applicable to you and pay for that service(s) online.

You scan all your Self Assessment Tax Returns documents to us.

All PAYE Income, All Self Employment Income , All Rental Income , All Investment Income, All Dividends received , All Pension income , All Donations , All Capital Gains made , All Capital Losses , other Tax Relief as relevant.

In brief all documents relating to Income & Losses.

We request you send us a Word document or Excel spreadsheet for vouchers and other documents which cannot be scanned. Please also send us your business accounts relevant for this Tax Return year if applicable and your last copy of Self Assessment Tax Return.

Upon receipt of your documents we email you what we have received and what we still require. You can either confirm us to wait for this information or you cannot provide anything more. Based upon your answer we will start preparing Self Assessment Tax Return for you and forward you a draft within 7 days. We will also send you a list of major points to comment/discuss upon. Once we receive your comments on the draft Self Assessment Tax Return we will amend if required or finalise and file online for you to HMRC. We will send you confirmation of HMRC receipt.

We will email you our complete working file for the Self Assessment Tax Return we have prepared.

from  £ 65

For examples of our sample correspondence &
working files PLEASE click on the PDF
Sample Tax Return for Partnership
  Partnership Tax Return   Tax Return Partner 1
  Tax Return Partner 2
Sample Tax Return for Individual
  Basic Tax Planning   Tax Return of Individual
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