The operation is as follows


You decide which services are applicable to you and pay for that service(s) online.

You scan all your Accounting documents to us as applicable to do a VAT Return. That is, your sales & purchases. We request you send us a Word document or Excel spreadsheet for all your petty cash vouchers, sales, and purchases etc which are difficult to scan. You also scan us your last VAT 100 and workings if you have them

In case you wish us to do a proper debtors / creditors analysis and give you a Creditors and Debtors schedules you will need to send us information either in Word Document or Excel spreadsheets. You will need to reference all clients for monies received and all suppliers for monies paid out, from your Bank Account for the year period, plus opening balances.

Upon receipt of your documents, we email you what we have received and what we still require. You can either confirm to wait for this information or you cannot provide anything more. Based on your answer we will start preparing your VAT Return and forward you a draft set within 2 days. We will email a list of documents we still require and any major questions still outstanding. Once we receive your comments on the draft VAT, we can finalise the VAT within 2 days and then wait for your confirmation to file it online to HMRC.

We will email you our complete report on the VAT Return we have prepared. This clearly explains how your VAT was calculated and can be used by you for any HMRC VAT Inspections.

from  £ 45   per Return

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