We Are a Group

We Are a Group

Our services include the following

     Annual Accounts

              Sole Proprietor

              Sole Trader



     Tax Returns

              Self Assessment






We realise that every individual is different. Every individual requires a different service from an excellent Accountancy Practice. At Friendly Accountants you pay only for the service you actually require.

You may be highly organised, highly IT literate & have all your Accounting documents on your computer server. On the other hand you could be completely disorganised and may need someone to visit you and organised everything for you.

You may require no advice from an Accountant once the Accounts & Tax Returns are prepared for you. On the other hand you may need a Accountant to come to visit you at your premises and explain exactly what the Accounts indicate, the net Profits you have made, how your business is doing, what the forecast is, the Tax you have to pay, when to pay & how to arrange your cash flow.

You may require no advice on VAT, Payroll, Employment issues, Tax planning, day to day Accounting & Tax issues. On the other hand you may constantly require advice on these matters.

We are also able to pass on the Costs savings to you.

You simply order the services you require. Each service has a fee next to it.

You only pay for services you wish to use.

Once you have ordered all the services you require, you simply pay us the sum including VAT & upon receipt we will firstly contact you by email or by phone within 24 hours, normally within 4 hours.

You will have a dedicated Qualified Accountant looking after your Accounts & a dedicated Customer Service Manager, both of whom will give you their email ids.

For all the services you have ordered you will have a contact point, a Professional who is responsible to you for full 100% delivery of service and satisfaction.

Please feel free to phone us on 0208 619 1485 or 0208 518 0888

For any queries you have or email us at sales@friendly-accountants.com & we will be happy to phone you.


Our Parent firm, SAS Consultancy, can assist you if your Turnover/Fees exceed £250,000

Email friendly@sasconsultancy.com or call us on 0208 518 0888 and our colleagues will be delighted to serve you